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Anthropogenic Gadolinium in the Han River, South Korea

Authors Hyeongseok Song et al  in article published in Chemosphere Volume 172, April 2017, Pages 155–165  collected water samples in the Han River  and its tributaries flowing through Seoul Capital Area, the world's second largest metropolitan area in order to examine how and to what extent anthropogenic Rare earth elements anomalies may occur. Water samples show higher light REE concentrations than heavy REE concentrations, while wastewater treatment plant samples display much higher heavy REE concentrations due to high Gd concentration.

This result indicates a positive correlation between population, number of MRI instruments, and positive Gd anomaly. Study also suggests that this could  pose harmful effects on aquatic ecosystems.

Reference and Further Reading

  • Anthropogenic rare earth elements and their spatial distributions in the Han River, South Korea. Hyeongseok Songa, b, Woo-Jin Shinb, Jong-Sik Ryua , Hyung Seon Shinb, Heesun Chunga, Kwang-Sik Leea. Chemosphere Volume 172, April 2017, Pages 155–165
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