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Patient-Oriented Radiology Report Annotation

Seong C. Oh, MD et al  In an effort to to promote patient-centered care and improve communication between radiologists and patients, authors have introduced a platform to provide lay language translations of radiology reports. 

 "PORTER's web-based user interface allows entry of a textual knee MRI report; the system processes the text of the provided report and displays the report with glossary terms highlighted. When the user hovers over or clicks on a highlighted term with the mouse, PORTER displays the term's definition as a pop-up tool-tip balloon. If the term has an associated image and/or web link to additional information, the system displays that supplemental information in a panel adjacent to the annotated report text. "

Reference : 

PORTER: A Prototype System for Patient-Oriented Radiology Report  : SIIM Annual Meeting (Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine )
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