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Optical Analysis for NASH Diagnosis on Liver MRI

Talemnology  proposes the use of a widely available medical image modality, the not enhanced MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) as base for NASH diagnosing.

Over the liver MRI of a patient the DeMILI software can evaluate, by means of optical analysis, two imaging biomarkers (NASHMRI® and FibroMRI®) whose presence is linked to the existence of NASH and Fibrosis.

These two imaging biomarkers (NASHMRI®and FibroMRI®) and the analytical software tool (DeMILI®), have been developed by the “Medical-Surgical Unit of Digestive Diseases, Valme University Hospital, Andalusian Public Health System, Seville, Spain”, leaded by Prof. Manuel Romero-Gómez and the “Group of Interdisciplinary Physics, Engineering School, University of Seville, Spain”, leaded by Prof. Emilio Gómez; an oral presentation of these research results could be found at the following link:

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