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What if?

He has had a busy life. Never really had the time to think about anything. Had just boarded his flight to next important assignment. As soon as the flight attendants announced, He stood up to take out his laptop. Began typing his next presentation. Side by side, he was answering his emails on his system. He had all the time in life to all he wanted to do. He wanted to conquer the world to say the least.
Then, suddenly plane started to quiver, bad weather, he mumbled without even looking up. Then, it became more and more shaky. People started to shout.
He looked around in a brief moment, he thought was this it? What about all the things he had wanted to do in this life. Things he had been postponing. Everything he was doing seemed futile. He wanted another chance from the beginning. He felt regret. Life felt wasted.
Captain's voice broke his chain of thoughts. Plane was in control now. He was alive. He looks around. People around him were faceless people again. Talking, eating and creating familiar unintelligible noise.
Then, he thought to himself,"what should be the background color for the next slide on his PowerPoint presentation ...
What if? Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Wednesday, June 17, 2015 Rating: 5

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