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Sense of Entitlement

Scene 1: He was driving down the mad rush. It was very crowded today. Life in general was very busy. He was honking non stop. All of a sudden an autorickshaw hit the side of his fancy car. He lost of cool. Came out and abused. He caught hold of the driver and hit him hard. What the…. He was entitled to drive on road, how dare some one block his way.
Scene 2: She was standing in queue in the airline and flight was announced as delayed. She snapped. How dare they… She started abusing the ground staff. As if it was in their control.
Scene 3: He came for a job interview, he knew all about the pay scale he was entitled to. But, skill and knowledge, he didn’t say much. He has a degree and he is entitled to a particular salary scale.

Today is the era of the entitlement, people strongly believe they are entitled to the services and benefits; they are brash about it. Everyone seems to know their entitlements and none seems to know how what they are supposed to do.

May be we are overcrowded.

But, gone is the generation of gratitude & humility, we have become an era of the entitled. 
Sense of Entitlement Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Saturday, June 13, 2015 Rating: 5

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