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Wheels and Wings (fiction)

Prehistoric times: Men wanted to travel to far off places. They wanted to do things faster. They wanted to create pottery. They wanted to move heavy material from place to another. This is when they actually invented the wheel. One discovery which changed it all. Life became faster. More and more new places become reachable.
But what if one wise man didn’t think of the wheel?
Back to today: No one has so far thought about the concept of the wheel. People don’t travel to far off places. Only few from a tribe venture to far off places, but seldom come back. Life is at a slower pace. Everybody works closer to home. People seem to spend more time with each other. You know most people around you. You spend all your time with friends and family. You rarely meet people outside of your proximity. Life seems longer.
There are some mutants who actually have developed rudimentary wings on their backs. They can fly for short distances. They are half men, half birds. Desire to travel is so strong, that natural selection seems to favor these mutants. Remember there are no wheels in this world.
People want to take out more out of their time in life, they want to run faster and faster, who knows, had it not been for the wheel, we may have developed wings already……

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