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Retained products of conception: MRI

33 yr old lady after  2nd trimester (therapeutic) MTP10 days back  with pain and bleeding and USG suggesting complex mass lesion  with endometrial thickness not measurable  shows on MRI, a large 5 cms appx measuring polypoidal  ,endocavitary lesion  with complete loss of junctional zone and myometrial thinning    suggesting RPOC (Retained products of conception)

Teaching points by Dr MGK Murthy

1. Can occur in  less than 1% of all pregnancies  with increased incidence in MTP, 2nd trimester abortions, Placenta accreta

2.Can present  with pain and bleeding similar to gestational Trophoblastic  disease (GTD) (RPOC Beta HCG drops to normal after 2-3 weeks  unlike the GTD)

3. USG shows  echogenic ,complex, vascular (at times  avascular ) mass lesion (endometrial thickness of 10mm) with calcification if chronic 

4.MRI is helpful to  show  loss of   junctional zone, anatomical delineation , myometrial thinning part from the extra uterine findings.

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