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Limited by thought

Where do we reach in life is often not limited by talent but by our ability to think and visualise. How will you feel, if you get to know that you are the real limiting factor to your own growth. Often good people, talented ones, don't reach to the levels we think they would, simply because of lack of vision.
You can see only up to a certain distance in the time zone and thereafter it becomes blurred and uncertain.
Leaders see things beyond the visible and in course of time when they bring that into the zone of reality and present, everyone is surprised.
To avoid being limited by your thought, you need to able to broaden your horizon. Essential tools for this skill are probably reading, travelling and intuition. An open receptive mind also matters. Listen to others, may be they can help you see what you couldn't see yourself.
As Bruce Lee once said,"As you think, so shall you become
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