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(Forced) moments of introspection

He had a dream job. 10 years ago when he got this job, people were surprised. How did he land this prized position. He himself was not sure if deserved to be there. He worked extra hours. He lived and breathed work. In his attempt to justify his position, he went the extra mile.
Here he was driving to work everyday, through the traffic of the city. Feeling the stress to reach on time. In this race to prove himself, he didn't realise how time flew. He looked at his shadow on car mirror, things had changed certainly in last ten years. In his mind he was thinking, when will this traffic open up. He had a vital meeting scheduled in a few minutes. Was this not the case so many times in last few years. Every meeting was important, every decision was vital to stay in the race. Picks up his phone to talk. Other side does not answer. May be she was busy as well. Tunes up the radio, desperately changes channels every now and then. He needs a vacation, one that they have been planning for one year now. Place where he will have peace. Place with hills and lakes. Fresh air and time to oneself.
Suddenly the horn of the car behind startles him. Traffic has opened up a bit, everybody wants to rush to their work. There is something important at work for them as well. Life moves on normally as usual. He has to get this deal then he will be able to take it easy at work, he tells himself. His calendar beeps meeting in ten minutes.
In this race sometimes, we actually forget to talk to ourself. We even forget to feel for ourselves. We are not sure if we should be proud of our achievements so far.
In such forced moments of introspection we tend to ask ourselves: was it all worth the "time" in life spent to reach there ........
(Forced) moments of introspection Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Wednesday, April 08, 2015 Rating: 5

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