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Insecurity, Expectations & Freedom

Modern life can be defined as sum total of the relationships we cultivate. Family,work and leisure everywhere we are but a sum total of the web of relationships we create. There are components to relationships which are often not talked about.
Insecurity : every moment we have to confront our fears and concerns about inferiority of insecurity about our looks, our dressing, being poor or being rich. We all are insecure in some ways, but denying it is the root of most problems. Accept it and life becomes better for you and others around you.
Expectations : you have expectations out of people and people have expectations out of you. Mismatch between expectations and delivery brings dissatisfaction. My two cents is that I keep my expectations low and I always try to deliver more than promise.
Freedom: every relationship needs space as much as it asks for commitment. Be it your office or home, we need to understand just like you need freedom to be yourself, other people also need to be themselves; along with the fact that they are with you at that time.
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