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One Day a Miracle Would Occur

I have a firm belief that we all usually know what is wrong in our lives, works and relationships. But we somehow don’t try to look for an answer rather we wait for a miracle to occur. Somehow, we know what is to be done yet we keep ignoring the "inner voice" and the "bitter truth".

We just want someone from above to come and solve our problems. That is our expectations out of leadership as well. We all know what is wrong, but we want someone to rub the magic lamp and solve. Interesting thing I have observed is whatever is the problem on the day one, is the reason for the fall on the day last.

We always know, just that we chose to ignore.

We all wish “one day a miracle would occur” and we keep postponing the obvious for the miracle.

Unfortunately there are no miracles till the time you get up and take control of your situation. There is a price to be paid for everything.  
Sometimes hope and despair blinds you from the obvious, but deep down ----------
You always know…..

@Sumer Sethi  
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