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Ability to “shut off” from stress

Most of us believe that winners have it easy. They don’t feel the stress. Trust me, everyone feels the butterflies, just like the popular advertisement: Darr Sabko lagta hai.
Then, what do winners do, they learn to shut off from everything else on “the day”. That can be your exam or a cricket match. You just cannot have a clouded frame of mind on “the day”. It needs to clear up. We all have problems in life. We all have limitations and we all have fear of failure. Yes we all have.
People who win are able to shut themselves off everything else and “focus” on the task at hand. While people who lose are somehow paralyzed by the fear of failure.
My way of shutting myself from everything is do something new that I have been wanting to do that keeps me occupied as all my energy is focused on the “new” task and then I find myself recharged for the original “task” which actually matters. I feel this is principle behind vacations, you shut yourself from everything and then things start happening. You are able to break the lockjam. Some people keep pushing even when their output is not optimal.. Remember reading in the library and staring at a single page for hours. They do so because of fear of failure, not because of love of studies
When you learn to shut yourself from stress, and fear of failure, victory is yours for taking.
Quoting "The Alchemist" here, “"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve : the fear of failure."
@ Sumer Sethi

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