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People Change

All this while we all kept talking about adapting to the changing environment, changing climate or changing economy, while we forgot the most important change that is constant happening to us and around us. WE Change, People Change. We are not the same person that we were (say) 10 years back and changes to our SELF have been a result of numerous small & large experiences and events during this time frame. Why is this important to realize?
Because sometimes you may know a person at one stage of his/her life and then you keep correlating that person’s self with that initial image and then fail to understand them in their present self. This happens because you are trying to understand a changed person, through your impression of them which is now not valid. That is the essence of relationship building, personal and professional both, adaption to present self of the other people. Big organizations are created by people who keep adapting to new ‘self’ of the employees and clients, who are bound to change. How many times do you hear this complaint in offices and medical colleges that my boss still treats me like a newcomer. How many times you see young adults complaining that their parents still treat them like kids. Yes, people change, they acquire skills, confidence, experience of loss /wins and they gradually change into a new self, adaption to which is an important life skill. Let’s not always become biased by the past image that you had formed initially and learn to see people as they are in their present.
You may choose to see them through your “green” glasses.
People change. Circumstances change.
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