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Passionate yet Detached

This is my mantra to success and is likely to sound paradoxical to most of the readers.Most entrepreneurs are passionate about their work for sure and yet very few are able to detach themselves from it. I always wondered why top business leaders like Steve Jobs also develop a spiritual side to them and I am sure most people don’t understand this.   Now with years of being engrossed in my work, my passion with medical education and technology, I have gradually understood the art of detached passion.  Sometimes overtly passionate leaders get involved in tiny things which actually don’t deserve their time and attention and getting involved into everything, they end up missing the bigger picture. Second preoccupation people have is being concerned about the returns and rewards all the time, they are important no doubt, but until and unless you detach yourself from the returns and results, focus on getting yourself on” your” road, the road that you want to travel in life, you will not evolve into true leader. Organizations need leaders who are passionate about the core values and mission of the company, yet detached enough to see what is happening from the correct perspective.   Detached, passionate leaders are able to take tough calls and then business goes beyond winning and losing, beyond profits and losses; that’s where entrepreneurship and spirituality merge.

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