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Taj Mahal seekers

The title of this article is little confusing and actually I am not talking about "Taj Mahal" per se but I am using it as a symbol of beautiful and perfect end product. Are you one of those who believe in first creating your Taj Mahal and then selling it? Is this what your school teacher taught you? I simply don't agree. Idea of success in life, business and exams is knowing right time to act and make quick decisions. I know of people who wait till they achieve perfection to actually launch the product to market and realize that the idea doesn't sell. Taj Mahal is good to see , people will say wow but may not buy an apartment in it. Idea is to know when your product is workable and bring it to market before others and learn on the way. I had colleagues in school and college who in search of perfection wasted too much time in reading too much material and always scored lower than me in exams, while my idea was somehow make a right mix which could be done fast enough to hit the exam deadlines. Usually my idea is to work towards Taj Mahal on the way and not wait till perfection for launching. Something that ails us as a nation as well is lack of speed in implementation and may be the ministers studied in the same Taj Mahal school and are waiting for the perfect plan. Problem is by the time the decision is made and the "perfect" plan is implemented , the product no longer remains relevant in most cases and someone else has already become the first mover. 

Learn to anticipate, think fast and don't be afraid to hit the market with a ready but not perfect product is my mantra for success. 

Nest of Painted Storks clicked by my camera shared here.

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