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Success has a price to pay

Most people want to be successful or want to win in their pursuits, be it exams, business or life, but only a few are successful. Simple reason is the fact that there is a price to be paid in terms of sacrificing leisure, sleep or sometimes sacrificing your entire comfort zone. Most people are success hungry but too lazy, too reluctant to pay the price and blame their bad luck which is the easiest scape goat. You lose because you simply are too lazy to follow your dream and you don't want to take risk or put the bet on yourself. You look for safe options and blame luck in the end. If you are looking for a magic formula and you hope it will work, trust me, odds are really against you. Think of athletes, sportsmen they sacrifice time in practise in childhood which you spent watching TV and then when they strike gold, I have heard many people complain that cricketers get it easy, is it so? I meet so many people every day and many are curious, many have ideas but only a few with intent and drive to convert thoughts to action. Simply put to win there are prices to be paid. I will quote an often quoted line,"there is nothing like a free lunch."

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