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Case filed in Maharastra against Cut practise

Very interesting debate topic sparked and it surely looks to have interesting consequences. A doctor from rural Maharashtra, who was shocked to get a cheque of Rs 1,200 "for professional services" from a diagnostic chain, has filed a case against cut practice with the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC), a quasi-judicial body governing the working of the medical profession. The first hearing in the case was held on Saturday (06.07.2013).

Details in Times of India

Some comments on our social media channels
Rishu Sangal:  Surely, thats going to be interesting. I alwz used to why radiology communities don make it a norm to curb cut practice. The competition willbe fair then, unnecessary investigations will reduce, and patients will come to u on the basis of report qualities entirely. Tis will be such a boost to hard working people who tk all the pains to provide a good report. Currently, in rajasthan, substandard reporting is so rampant in wake of excess work load and people frm reputed institutes are pursuing it, to make money. Come on, i want to tell u, let employers employmore radiologists for this high volume load and guys u need not to report 100 cts in 3 hrs to make money. Even business has few rules, try to follow and understand them

Iqbal Naseem:  Cuts are rampant everywhere but sending a cheque to someone unknown is just to promote cut practice among them whom are not into it. Slowly radiologist report quality is becoming irrelevant. Referring doctors are more interested in % of cuts, owners thanx to outsourcing are more interested in no of reports that can be made by someone in shortest possible time and owner will tell u that his own personal contacts and PRO,s hard work is behind the work coming and report is just a piece of paper either to be attached for reimbursement or just to satisfy patients that they have got both films and report!! And now comes teleradiology where every village and town now has CT/MRI and behind them are totally ignorant radiographers whom are making mockery of investigations by performing them like simple radiographs and sending those images from first generation scanners to Big shots in cities or metros whom are even reporting them just for an amount otherwise they will not touch million times better images of their own hospitals!!
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