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Inflammatory pseudotumour of the carotid sheath-Doppler

We present a 28 year old female with palpable mass in the neck and ultrasound shows a mass encasing the carotid. We have given the possibility as inflammatory pseudotumour of carotid sheath. Further evaluation with cross sectional imaging with contrast is suggested. We will update with follow up. The treatment of pseudotumor includes use of steroids, but a definitive diagnosis often requires surgery.  This is a benign process but it occasionally recurs.Nonspecific, nonneoplastic benign inflammatory process without identifiable local or systemic causes characterized by polymorphous lymphoid infiltrate with varying degrees of fibrosis.  Case Submitted by Dr Ravi Kadasne, senior radiologist  at Emirates International Hospital Al aAin, UAE. Comments are welcome.

Inflammatory pseudotumour of the carotid sheath-Doppler Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Thursday, May 17, 2012 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

i have already seen another case in my hospital "sayed Galal hospital- Alazhar university" with the same criteria and same imaging characteristics as your case, US images were typical to those posted by you. i reported it as a benign condition , but , i was not sure that it is inflammatory pseudotumour
inflammatory pseudotumour of he carotid sheath is a very very rare condition,
i will be very happy to hear from you the post surgical feed back of your patient , and if the biopsy has confirmed the diagnosis or not , as i had lost the ways of connection to my patient

Anonymous said...

Do you have any more information about the follow up of this patient? We have a similar case

Sonodigest said...

Any f/up ...... ofcourse nice case !

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting, perhaps people who have seen such cases before and are on this blog can put together a case series and publish...


Anonymous said...

I have seen similar case in a young female with similar Usg images.awaiting further evaluation. Dr kalyani radiologist GOBI tailnadu india

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