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New-york times reports "Distracted Doctoring"

According to a news item in New York times, technology is usually projected to be of great help to the medical profession but now question is being asked if it is a distraction as well? What about radiologists, i think we guys should be an exception, we enjoy being connected to all our social networks while working don't we?  What are your views? Is technology now a double-edged sword in healthcare?

Read on what the news papers says-Meant to give medical staff instant access to patient data, drug information and case studies, the technology is drawing criticism that doctors and nurses can be focused more on the screen than on the patient, The New York Times reported Thursday. And it's not always used as intended, critics say, citing examples of a surgeon making personal calls during an operation, a nurse checking airfares during surgery and a poll finding half of technicians running bypass machines admitting to texting during a procedure, the newspaper said.”

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