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Dilemma of a wife of a Radiologist

These are some things which play on the mind of the spouse of a radiologist about her husband’s profession usually. Shared here for pure humour.
1)      How can someone find reading black and white images so interesting? Why is he so passionate about stupid black-white films?
2)      Why are all gross diseases, “beautiful” to him? Well not in literal sense, we all rads love to see characteristic text book images and find them beautiful.
3)      Why does not he answer or why does he get confused when the airline staff is asking for a doctor on board?
4)      Why is his right-left orientation  bit different from rest of us?
5)      His job is supposed to be one of the lighter one in medicine, still he is working even from home on his big computers that he calls work stations.
6)      Is he a doc or computers guy, speaks their language talks of pixels, 3D data, image sets, bandwidth, internet speed, download, cache etc and sits in front of “workstation” dictates some jargon?
7)      Why is it so difficult to explain to my  non-medico friends that my husband is a teleradiologist? *&#$$$??
8)      He seems to observe everything so closely and noting minor changes from previous day is a norm with him.

Dear Radiologist friends-Anything else  your spouse finds difficult to understand?  Share here with other colleagues.

Reference -
Random talks with my wife. :-)
Dilemma of a wife of a Radiologist Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Monday, August 22, 2011 Rating: 5


monug said...

liked this one.. especially the references.. :)

Sandeep Jakhere said...

I have a habit of scribbling down notes when i am reporting about things that i need to search in Google once i got home . My wife very often found those scribbled notes and gave me a new name ---GHAJINI.

Sumer Sethi said...

Dear Sandeep, i think the ghajini part was really innovative on the part of ur wife. Myself instead of scribbling i always carry my laptop along and she sometimes gets irritated when we have to go shoppin from work and i have to carry my system along as i dont like to leave my macbook in the car..

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