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Atypical Sites Of Metastasis-Two Cases

These are two atypical sites of secondaries in recent past in my practise, which we are sharing in our site.

The metastatic lesions of pancreas are extremely rare. Tumors metastasizing to the pancreas include lung carcinoma, gastrointestinal tract carcinoma, breast carcinoma, renal carcinoma, melanoma, lymphoma, and (osteo)sarcoma. This is a 15 year old girl known case of osteosarcoma, with suspected pancreatic secondaries.

Another atypical case, is a 67 year old male with past nephrectomy for hypernephroma and had shoulder pain. MRI done revealed altered marrow signal intensity involving the glenoid process of scapula along with involvement of the coracoid process. There is evidence of associated osseous destruction and soft tissue component. Similar cases of glenoid secondaries has been reported previously in the literature especially with hypernephroma. Reference-Daluga D, Quast M, Bach Bernard, Gilelis S. Shoulder neoplasms mimicking rotator cuff tears. Orthopaedics 1990 July; 13:765-767.

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