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Tunneled Coronary Artery

"Tunneled coronary arteries are clinically relevant due to their association with myocardial ischemia.The coronary arteries may dip into the myocardium for varying lengths and then reappear on the heart surface. The muscle overlying the intramyocardial segment of the epicardial coronary artery is termed as myocardial bridge and the artery coursing within the myocardium in called a tunneled artery."
One of the conditions where CT coronary angiography can give mor einformation than angiography.
Garde PS, Karandikar AA, Tavri OJ, Patkar DP, Dalal AK. Tunneled coronary artery: Case report. Indian J Radiol Imaging [serial online] 2006 [cited 2007 Feb 21];16:283-284.
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