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Supraclinoid Aneurysm- A Case Report

Case Submitted by Dr MGK Murthy Sr Consultant Teleradiology Providers

Case Details and Discussion
55 yr old lady complains of chronic headache of 10 yrs duration with increasing severity
she is normotensive and has no neurological deficit Routine MRI shows well defined regular heterogenous altered signal intensity extraaxial lesion in left paracavernous and supraclinoid locations with an intensely enhancing nodule within on contrast as well as hypointense periphery with no significant perilesional oedema- likely to be partially thrombosed internal carotid giant aneurysm with thrombus within. DSA is the solution. At times Meningimas which are cystic, haemangioblstomas and pilocytic astrocytomas could present a diagnostic difficulty. However intense nodular enhancement, lack of perilesional oedema, chronic headache of long duration with no deficit are supportive of aneurysm. Supraclinoid component is suggested as intracavernous ICA appears compressed and shows normal flow void.

Supraclinoid Aneurysm- A Case Report Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Thursday, February 08, 2007 Rating: 5

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