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Increasing work load leaves Radiologists fatigued

"Today's radiologist is a multitasking technology wizard, responding to pages, phone calls and personal consults with clinicians while reviewing plain films, MRIs and CTs and editing their voice recognition-developed dictations.This is a far cry from the early 1990s when we didn't even carry pagers.Not only has the demand for imaging increased in the past decade – producing a definite increase in volume of studies to be performed and interpreted – imaging plays an increasingly pivotal role in the diagnosis, triage and management of patients, resulting in a greater sense of urgency and stress for radiologists during the workday and on call."
Read the interesting full article entitled "Fatigued radiology departments secretly starve bottom lines" By Amy Storer---
Increasing work load leaves Radiologists fatigued Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Wednesday, February 21, 2007 Rating: 5

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