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"At least 40 American corporations have signed a health plan, which allows sending employees abroad, including to India, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, where they could save more than 80 per cent on the cost of medical procedures. More than 150,000 North American and European are currently seeking medical treatment abroad, it said. Giving instances of the savings, Newsweek quoted GlobalChoice Healthcare, a firm arranging foreign procedures, as saying that angioplasty which costs $50,000 in an American hospital can be performed for merely $6000 in Mohali in India. The magazine quotes Abacas International, a leading travel facilitator, estimating that medical tourism to Asia could generate up to $4.4 billion by 2012."
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cardiorudy said...

In the past 30 years, the costs of healthcare have soared in the United States. Due to rapidly escalating healthcare costs, Americans in ever increasing numbers have begun to search for alternatives that could reduce their personal out-of-pocket medical expenses. In the last few years, hundreds of thousands of Americans have chosen to become Medical Tourists.

Cost of medical and surgical procedures in Mexico is very low compared to what is paid in the United States. In most cases, the savings from their medical treatment can give people extra money for vacation. Indeed, a patient and his/her family can take a luxury vacation in a Mexican resort and pay for the trip with the savings they receive on getting their procedures in Mexico. Medical Tourism in the city of Guadalajara can certainly be a win-win proposition. While taking care of health needs at big discounts, shopping sprees, sight-seeing, cultural pursuits, and trips to nearby beaches and spas can all be arranged around a medical appointment schedule.

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parker said...

The soaring healthcare costs in the united States has been a major drawback. On the other side similar treatments are available at surpisingly low prices in foreign nations like India and Malaysia. Medical Tourism

pangaeamed said...

An increasing number of hospitals across the country are outsourcing certain medical services to overseas medical experts. This growing trend has profound implications for health care policy and practice and may provide substantial cost reductions for patients.

Anonymous said...

Portugal and Spain are also up and coming markets for Medical Tourism. Check out this website:

Anonymous said...

The rising cost of health care has hit the un-insured the most. Hence, people are turning to medical tourism. And as a bonus, they get a chance to have a great vacation. It's a win-win situation.

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