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Cardiac CT Tutorial

Cardiac CT
Reference- Medgadget Wiki
"With the advent of subsecond rotation combined with multi-slice CT (up to 64 slices), high resolution and high speed can be obtained at the same time, allowing excellent imaging of the coronary arteries. Images with a high temporal resolution are formed by updating a proportion of the data set used for image reconstruction as it is scanned. In this way individual frames in a cardiac CT investigation are significantly shorter than the shortest tube rotation time. It is uncertain whether this modality will replace the invasive coronary catheterization.
Cardiac MSCT carries very real risks since it exposes the subject to the equivalent of 500 chest X Rays in terms of radiation. The relationship of radiation exposure to increased risk in breast cancer has yet to be definitively explored.
Also a lot of MSCT technicians are trained cardiologist as opposed to radiologists. The positive (93-95%) and negative (97-98%) predictive values of the scan are calculated on the basis of a knowledgable staff which may not always be the case.
Much of the software is based on data findings from caucasian study groups and as such the assumptions made may also not be totally true for all other populations.
Dual Source CT scanners, introduced in 2005, allow higher temporal resolution when acquiring images of the heart, allowing a greater number of patients to be scanned. "
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