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Education needs Collaborative Approach

 New Generation seeks to learn but teaching by humiliation is unacceptable

Education needs a collaborative approach. In medical education there is a strong hierarchical system where there is trend of posing on-the-spot questions to probe the limits of trainees’ knowledge, also known as “pimping" which often goes on to level which can be considered bullying and is considered an important cause of medical student /resident burnout. Since last two decades in DAMS, I have actively sought to create an interactive platform where we have broken the traditional hierarchical barriers, be it interactions between students and teachers in classroom, or be it social media interaction or LIVE class interactions on eMedicoz app.

Recently in a popular Indian series there was a trend of going aggressive on entrepreneurs presenting the product to investors or sharks which I feel is again going in the wrong direction. 

Being candid in your criticism can quickly go into teaching by humiliation. I feel even in highly competitive fields there is a role of learning together with mutual respect. This will go a long way in preventing burnouts. We need to promote collaborative approach. Teacher also learns when you teach. Mentors also learn when guide another one. There are no favours being done and goal of mentoring programme is to make the learner feel empowered with mutual respect.

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