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Hindsight makes you feel wiser

Question :
why don’t youngsters of today know the basics ? Why doesn’t the new generation behave in a certain way?
My answer : I have been hearing such comments ever since I was a kid and I used to wonder, even though I am doing my best, there were always some comments by my esteemed teachers on “not knowing the basics” . I could not really understand it at that time. But now I have a possible explanation.
Difference is you are comparing a youngster with your wisdom of today and hindsight advantage. At this stage at times boundaries between what you knew at different stages of life have blurred.
I often see same hindsight blurring when I see developed nations talk about resource limited countries. They are countries in different stages of evolution. And not comparable.
May be we were as lost as they are now, at that stage in our life.
May be the world has changed since older times and situations are no longer comparable.
Before judging the youngsters, Remember many things have become clear to us, when we look back and find the dots connecting.

Hindsight makes you feel wiser and past inadequacies are often blurred out by tricks played by memory. We all subconsciously add a bit of rounding up of our stories to make them more palatable to our self but remember, rough edges were always there in your life as well. Imperfection is the truth.

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