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Ultrasound in the Shopping Centre

Other day I was walking down an up market shopping complex in Delhi, I could see many people in Gym attire and I realized that there is a popular gym in the shopping mall.  You name a service and you will find them all coming to the shopping malls. Many people nowadays spend significant time in shopping complexes, will it have some implications for ultrasounds specially for pregnant ladies. I am sure many of them would be visiting the mall like others and would love to get a souvenir clicked by the sonographer, preferably 3D image. That image can be framed by the vendor and would be a good remembrance for the parents. However, jokes apart, one of the major factor this will not happen in India in near future is the PNDT act prohibiting such a usage.

For the conventional thinkers,  I do agree that this can never be for medical purposes, this cannot be considered a medically sound advice, but with the amount of time affluent people spend in shopping complexes, some of private healthcare providers will gradually find their way in.   Skin care and cosmetics have valid reasons to go there. I foresee corporate health check up being offered in a shopping mall rather than the hospital. They will much more walk in clients as compared to hospitals. It is so difficult to motivate someone healthy to visit the hospital.   

Future doesn’t always take the predictable route. And history has often revealed markets shift to where consumers are. Google and facebook are classical examples.  

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