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Lateral thinking

Example: Whenever I am travelling, most of the domestic airlines I see them selling trashy products and hardly anyone is interested in buying. One day I asked the crew that you don't provide any newspaper on flight (low cost airlines) if instead of carrying the load of these products (which hardly sell) if you could just sell newspapers at the beginning of flight at say Rs 20 even Rs 50 or 100 almost everyone on board will buy one as we have almost nothing to do for the journey, you add value to our journey and your airlines makes more money (imagine selling at 25 times the cost price). May be someone started selling trashy products on board and everyone else is just following the course without thinking.
Lateral thinking is a phrase often used but seldom understood, there are always simpler or better ways of doing a thing, which we are unable to see as we are strongly biased by the status quo.
My two cents on life and work, just because something is being done in one particular way for long time doesn't exactly mean that it is the best solution.

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