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The perfect team with perfect people: Myth or reality

Loads of time is spent by people and organizations to interview the right people and hire the “perfect” people for the role.   Many people believe if you get the right people and get the best in each department, you win. Does it really work this way?  My own belief and experience is to the contrary. You cannot hire 11 Sachin Tendulkars  and win the IPL.  
Valid reasons for this theory are:
1)      Sachin  x 11 would be too expensive a proposition and likelihood of viability and profitability are much lesser. Especially for a start up.
2)      There is always a risk involved that so many perfect people will have egos and fixity  ideas which may not allow them to play like a team. They are less likely to follow the Captain’s (CEO) vision with young contagious enthusiasm.
3)      Once the competition knows the weakness of one and entire team collapses, because they all are predictable.
4)      Most important reason that such scenario don’t work is the “mismatch”. When you are just starting your system or your organization is young; you are bound to be less than perfect and if you employ all “perfect” people, the relationship will not last long as perfect people would seek more perfect employment opportunities.
So, my radical thought of the day is, when hiring somebody, just look at the broad possibility of an overall  “fit” in your system.  Start up systems evolve with time and role of people working with you will evolve and gradually they will fit into their rightful niches.    It is role of the Captain or the CEO to keep the people in their correct dynamic niche which changes from time to time. As they evolve their roles should evolve, and usually the best “fit” in the organization are the ones who grow with the company.
Perfect team is not made of perfect people, rather it is bunch of imperfect people (including CEO) who synchronize together to build a perfect team.  
The perfect team with perfect people: Myth or reality Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Thursday, November 06, 2014 Rating: 5

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