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Radiologists miss Gorilla imprinted on Chest CT-Amazing

"A new study, conducted by researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston, has shown radiologists can miss seeing a gorilla stamped on a diagnostic image. More than four-out-of-five radiologists did not see the image of a gorilla printed on a stack of chest CTs, according to a study in Psychological Science .  What the invisible gorilla study shows is that, if we are paying very close attention to one thing, we often fail to notice other things in our field of vision—even very obvious things. "

Scary it is....

But thinking back, this does happen, how many of us have missed findings obvious otherwise , when we were prejudiced and looking for something. For example missed bony lesions when looking for lung lesion on CXR. Our professor had an CXR with absent clavicles and 90percent of residents always missed it on spotting.  Some sort of pyschological training may become part of resident training in future to remove this bias and "invisible gorilla"  should become visible to us.
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