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French doctors and radiophysicist jailed for radiation overdoses

"Two doctors have been sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment by the French court because of radiotherapy overdose given to 450 people. It resulted in 12 deaths. The doctors have been found guilty of manslaughter, inefficiency in helping people, and tampering with evidence.  A mistake of this form was responsible for 10% patients to be administered with overdoses between 2001 and 2006 as well. Such errors were committed when the dose measurement was not done in accurately; not considering the previous treatments. "

This judgement could have far more implications with possibility of more awareness spread among the caregivers and patients alike. Personally i believe problem could be worse in developing countries like ours with lack of proper control  and management in such facilities. 

French doctors and radiophysicist jailed for radiation overdoses Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Rating: 5

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Mary M Saltz, MD said...

We have to do better as a profession--take a peek at my post on this topic!

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