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Spermatic Cord Hydrocele-USG

Hydrocele of the spermatic cord is a rare anomaly that results from an aberration in the closure of the processus vaginalis. It is a loculated fluid collection along the spermatic cord, separate from the testis and the epididymis and located above them. Clinically it manifests as groin swelling that is indistinguishable from a mass at palpation. There are three types of spermatic cord hydrocele: communicating, funicular, and encysted. An encysted hydrocele is enclosed between two constrictions at the deep inguinal ring, just above the testis. It does not communicate with the peritoneum. An encysted hydrocele may be located anywhere along the spermatic cord. It may be any size or shape, but it does not change with increased peritoneal pressure. At US, an ovoid or round mass is seen in the groin along the spermatic cord; internal echogenicity varies depending on the contents. 

Case submitted by : Dr. Vougiouklis Nikolaos

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