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Nasolabial Cyst-CT

A 35 year old lady with the swelling in right nasoalar location, shows on CT a well defined regular, predominantly fluid density lesion in the nasoalar location,  with partial scalloping and resorption of the alveolar portion of the maxilla  ipsilaterally with no intraosseous extension or calcium within – Possibly  represents nasolabial cyst.

Teaching points by Dr MGK Murthy, Mr Vicky Sharma

Also called nasoalveolar cyst or Klestadt cyst.

Located in the anterior nasal vestibular region.

May show Milk of Calcium appearance in the inferior region.

A variety of epithileal cyst possibly from nasolacrimal ductal epithileum and 
not a retention cyst.

May contain respiratory epitheleum in the wall, statified squamous epitheleum
in apocrine change within it.

May have accessory salivary glandular tissue or even cartilage occasionally.

Secretions are mucoid or serous.

Is unilateral usually with expansile nature and resorption of the alveolar process 
of the maxilla with no enhancement on contrast administration.

CT is better than MRI for demonstrating calcium if present.

Diffentials include nasopalatine ductal cyst  odontogenic variety of cysts (Intraosseous), schwannoma or hemangioma.

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