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Possible Link Between Dental X-rays and Meningioma Risk

According to a study published online April 10, 2012 in the journal Cancer, researchers examined answers to a health survey from a group of 1433 meningioma patients and compared them to answers from a control group of 1350 people without these tumors. The meningioma group was twice as likely as the control group to report ever having had a bitewing exam, the meningioma group also was more likely to report having had a panorex exam at a young age (under 10 years old) or on a yearly or more frequent basis. The panorex exam is taken outside the mouth and shows all of the teeth in one film. 

Although the study is not conclusive, there is need for further research on this and this study is apparently linking diagnostic xrays to tumour, that too low dose. Further reading: Cancer-dot-org
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