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Shearwave Elastography-Medical Device Update

Proven Benefits of ShearWave(TM) Elastography: Radiology and European Radiology Journals Report High Reproducibility and Significant Improvement of Breast Ultrasound Specificity.  Unlike conventional elastography methods, which rely on manual compression and measure tissue displacement, ShearWave Elastography requires no manual compression and computes true tissue elasticity by measuring the velocity of shear waves as they propagate in tissue. Further reading Press release by  SuperSonic Imagine. We have no financial interest involved. This is posted only for information by Sumer's Radiology Site.

1.    ShearWave Elastography for breast masses is highly reproducible. Cosgrove DO et al. European Radiology 2011 Dec 31

2.    Shear-wave Elastography Improves the Specificity of Breast US: The BE1 Multinational Study of 939 Masses Radiology (2012 Feb;262(2):435-449) by Wendie A. Berg, MD, PhD, et al. (C) RSNA, 2012 -
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