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CSF hydrodynamics and MS-New Etiology Theory

According to an article by Damadian RV, and Chu DThe possible role of cranio-cervical trauma and abnormal CSF hydrodynamics in the genesis of multiple sclerosis. Physiol Chem Phys Med NMR. 2011 ;41:1-17, a new hypothesis in etiopathogenesis of MS was suggested.  We have discussed suspected role of chronic venous sufficiency before in this blog as well.

According to the article:

  • There study was done on 8 patients. The UPRIGHT MRI has demonstrated pronounced anatomic pathology of the cervical spine in five of the MS patients studied and definitive cervical pathology in the other three. 
  • Upright cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) cinematography and quantitative measurements of CSF velocity, CSF flow and CSF pressure gradients in the upright patient revealed that significant obstructions to CSF flow were present in all MS patients. 
  • The obstructions are believed to be responsible for CSF "leakages" of CSF from the ventricles into the surrounding brain parenchyma which "leakages" can be the source of the MS lesions in the brain that give rise to MS symptomatology

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