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Tendoachilles Calcification-Plain Film

Two views always help for evaluation of any X-ray finding and localize to the site  of problem
Tendoachilles is the largest tendon in the body , spanning two joints and is subject to stress in daily activities (reaching upto 900kg in fast running at times ). Intense short use or prolonged overuse could result in degenerative changes of focal or diffuse variety leading to calcium deposition and is usually susceptible for rupture and degeneration 2-6 cms from site of insertion

Teaching points by Dr MGK Murthy. 
Morris etal classified calcification in to 3 types for management techniques
ü  type I-localised to tendon insertion and  posterosuperior aspect of calcaneum
ü  Type II-localised distal 1-3 cms of tendon
ü  Type III-Intratendinous and involves most of it(IIIA) and all of it (IIIB)

Excision before  other  complications like rupture and ulcerations and bone infection etc would be  preferred
X-ray true lateral  is ideal with MR playing complementary role in evaluating other soft tissue structures. Presurgical doppler  of  the posterior tibial  vessel is recommended 
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