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Os Peroneum Fracture-Plain Film

An adult patient presents with acute trauma to lateral foot with tenderness near cuboid. X ray shows  irregular, fragmented and possibly spread out appearance of osperoneum with Soft tissue swelling in the vicinity  with spurring at cuboid peroneal groove location- comminuted fracture of os-peroneum with peroneus longus tendon rupture is possible. MRI  would help.

Teaching points by Dr MGK Murthy

·         Os-peroneum is round or oval  accessory ossicle located at calcaneocuboid junction level in the distal peroneus longus tendon substance
·          Peroneus longus originates from lateral tibial condyle and head of fibula, travels along the retromalleolar groove of fibula protected by superior peroneal  retinaculum (SPR), and inserts in to 1st MT base  and medial cuneiform (brevis  comes from mid 1/3 leg and goes to  base of 5th MT)
·         Seen in 26% of feet , though some differ from these figures
·         Fractures can occur due to direct trauma or indirect stress due to forced dorsiflexion of foot
·         Fragments spread along the  longus tendon and are often accompanied by tendinopathy or rupture
·         Differentials include more common bipartite os-peroneum, and degenerative process of the ossicle

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