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Who earns from Radiology more?

This question is often asked in the radiology circles these days. Is it true that non-radiologists are earning more from radiology than radiologists themselves? Answer to this unfortunately, is true for India atleast. Diagnostics forms a major cash cow in the healthcare industry.  Diagnostic centres,  along with pathology labs is usually regarded as one of the cleaner business in healthcare. No surgeries, negligible mortalities further add to the charm of this business.  This would have made most of the radiologists millionaires in India, however, truth is to the contrary.  Leading business houses and investors like Ranbaxy, Piramal, and even Lal Pathology labs have been attracted to this segment in recent past.  Radiologist owned centres are getting fewer by the day.  We need more entrepreneur radiologists in India to prevent radiology to be totally taken over by businessmen like hospitals and corporate have taken over nursing homes and small time clinics. Another factor that is eating into radiologists money is incentives offered to the referring physicians, which are particularly higher in Northen India segment.  If these things are not taken into account and younger enterprising radiologists don’t come forward to keep control of this business, it will be difficult to  remain biggest shareholder in the diagnostics business. 

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