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AIPG 2011 Radiology Recall Questions

Aortic knuckle shadow on PA CXR, obliterated by consolidation of which portion of lung?
upper lingula 
lower lingula 
apex of lower lobe 
posterior part of upper lobe

Answer- Posterior part of upper lobe.

CT least accurate for: 
a. 1 cm of aneurysm in hepatic artery 
b.1 cm of lymph node in para-aortic region
c.1 cm of pancreas mass in tail
d. 1cm gall stone

answer-d) 1cm gall stones

Dose of radiation reqd for haematological syndrome: 
a. 2.5 cGY 
b. 10 cgy 
c. 100 cgy 
d. 200 cgy

Answer- 100cGy

Best investigation for bone metastases:
c.bone scan 
d. x ray

Answer- c) Bone scan

Answers by Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences (P) Ltd
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