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PGI Nov 2010-Radiology Recalled Questions

Few Radiology  recall questions from PGI Nov 2010 examination.

Metastases to bones is infrequent in
1. Spine
2. Proximal long bones
3. Hands and feet
4. Not recalled
5. Pubic bones

Answer- Hand and Feet.  Secondaries distal to the knee and elbow are uncommon. Only three tumours BBC, Bronchus, Bladder and Colon may show secondaries to small bones of hand and feet. Spine, proximal long bones and flat bones are marrow containing areas in adult skeleton, so metastatis is common in this bones.

Bare orbit is seen in
1. Neurofibromatosis
2. osteomyelitis
3. Metastasis
4. Meningioma
5. Hemangioma

Answer 1, 3, 4.
Bare orbit appearance is seen in the NF due to sphenoid dysplasia, Mets due to destruction and meningioma due to sclerosis. Reference -Chapman's Differential diagnosis book.

Heterotopic ossification is seen in 
1. Gout
2.  Revision surgery
3. Reiters
4. prolonged surgery 
5. Forresteir disease

Answer- All

Isotope in external beam therapy
1. cs 137
2. co 60
3. radium 226
4. I-131
5. iridium

1, 2, 5.

Screenin of prostate ca.
1. transrectal usg
2. digital exam
3. PSA
4. Not recalled
5. ct scan

Answer 2, 3. CT scan has not role in diagnosis of prostatic malignancy.
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