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DAMS Best for MD/MS/MCI Screening preparation

DAMS Best PG Entrance Coaching Institute
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Dear Doctor
At the outset we will introduce ourselves as the leaders in post graduate entrance business country wide. We understand that the students in the state have two main concerns one is the AIPG and other, probably the more important one is State Entrance. We have seen over the years there is some difference between the preparations for the two and there is some variance in the performance of candidates in these examinations. Some students despite not doing so well in the All India PG entrance exams excel in the state exam and vice versa.What is the difference between the two and how as a student should I approach these. In other words can any institute give me a step by step approach for my state pg exam? Let me introduce myself, I have been a Top ranker in AIPG, AIIMS, PGI examinations before and I have authored more than 10 books for PG entrance including the best selling Review of Radiology, which is a country wide best seller. I am the Director of DAMS, Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences which is by far the most consistent result giver in the last 10 yrs or so.Lets come back to the main issue once we have formed some trust that this not just another advertisement, it will change your idea of PG entrance examination and definitely make a change in the end result. Number one thing of importance to understand is the value of positive thinking. That sounds so basic, but we insist the first thing for any student of DAMS is think positive. I don’t want you to say anytime that you can’t do it. That’s the step number-1. Then for the last AIPG, the make or break idea was to read AIIMS Nov 2009 solutions. Anyone who didn’t do the November AIIMS thoroughly is bound to loose out on the AIPG. In that aspect DAMS lead by me and with question recall by this years topper DAMS Student has released an extensive review of the November AIIMS. We bet anyone who doesn’t read our review before AIPG is at a loss. Well you may say we are marketing but the book has gone out of print three times in last two weeks!!This AIPG 2009 was a peculiar paper with say 50 almost unsolvable questions but it would not be preposterous to say that DAMS students had an edge because we not only do repeat questions our teachers predict the pattern also. Some of the questions we must admit were tough like IDEAS, STEPS and amifostine etc that makes us enjoy the challenge of predicting even more and our teachers are spurred to make more predictions in the coming years.Other important thing to do for AIPG is repeat questions and almost all institutes ask you to do this but do they actually make you remember? we at DAMS in addition to our All India Grand test run an exclusive Bounce Back Series popularly called as BB series with repeat questions from various exams and we make you do them again and again. Our Grand Tests have an exclusive feature of new questions we don’t copy and paste from USMLE questions banks, we make new questions. The joke in the PG entrance business is that only DAMS and AIIMS make new questions? We provide authentic references to Grand test which is not so in any other coaching and we give Harrison based supplement with every GT. We understand what you need and we give it. In our classroom series we have the best faculty drawn from AIIMS, MAMC, LHMC and other major colleges. Most of them are popular authors and extremely high yielding teachers. With us being the pioneers in the Regular course and Test and discussion concept, we are a natural choice for students preparing for PG entrance.For state entrance again we recommend doing of repeat questions, and factual questions. On the other hand AIPG and AIIMS we have more number of newer questions and lots of conceptual questions. So the idea is Conceptual questions in AIPG versus Factual in state PG examinations. Once again emphasizing the importance of Bounce Back Series, Exclusive DAMS product. Our notes are based on standard books. For example my students sometimes ask me what books do we need to read these Mudit Khanna and AA quote all the high end books then what? We say supplement your standard books with our notes our notes are based on or are condensed version of the highest order books. Like our medicine is based on Harrison, Surgery is combination from Schwartz, Sabsiton and Bellie, Obs from Williams and Pediatrics from Nelson. Hence our students have the extra edge of the ready made food or The Fast Food.Our classroom centres are running in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Indore, Bhopal, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Hyderabad with more than 40 GT centres across the countries. We are also now lauching Subject wise Test and Explanation Series country wide, with detailed questions and answers to all subjects. If you cant join our famous class room series join us for “The Ultimate Test Series Combo”.

Dr Sumer Sethi, MD Radiology
• Director DAMS and topper in AIPG, AIIMS and PGI previously.
• Author of review of radiology and many more books for PG entrance.
• Faculty of national and international fame
About the Director DAMS
Sumer Sethi, MD, is Director of Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences Pvt Ltd, and is a very popular teacher, author and motivator. He himself was a topper in previous AIIMS, AIPG and PGI examinations. He also leads Teleradiology ProvidersTM (Prime Telerad Providers Pvt Ltd,, a company that provides teleradiology services to India and abroad. Dr. Sethi is a senior consulting radiologist at VIMHANS, Delhi. He is a visiting international faculty member of Tripoli Universities, Libya. He has also been an invited faculty member at various conferences, including Teleradiology in IRIA, Hospital Build Middle East, and Congress of the Brain Tumor Radiology in Neuro-oncology Society. Dr. Sethi is Editor-in-Chief of Internet Journal of Radiology. He has a keen interest in Web 2.0 technologies and in maintaining his radiology blog, Sumer's Radiology Site (, which has been featured in multiple international journals. To date, Dr. Sethi is the author of approximately 50 publications, and the fourth edition of his book Review of Radiology is a best-seller among medical students.
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