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Science or Fiction- Cellphone based medical imaging

Reference- Granot Y, Ivorra A, Rubinsky B (2008) A New Concept for Medical Imaging Centered on Cellular Phone Technology. PLoS ONE 3(4): e2075. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0002075

"According to WHO reports, some three quarters of the world population does not have access to medical imaging. In addition, in developing countries over 50% of medical equipment that is available is not being used because it is too sophisticated or in disrepair or because the health personnel are not trained to use it. The goal of authors' study is to introduce and demonstrate the feasibility of a new concept in medical imaging that is centered on cellular phone technology and which may provide a solution to medical imaging in underserved . feasibility of the concept is demonstrated using a new frequency division multiplexing electrical impedance tomography system, which we have developed for dynamic medical imaging, as the medical imaging modality. The system is used to image through a cellular phone a simulation of breast cancer tumors in a medical imaging diagnostic mode and to image minimally invasive tissue ablation with irreversible electroporation in a medical imaging interventional mode."

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