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Quadriceps Injury-MRI

MRI has the highest sensitivity and specificity for disorders of the quadriceps. It shows both complete and partial ruptures, soft tissue hematomas, tendinopathies, soft tissue tumors, myositis ossificans, and fascial defects. Incomplete intrasubstance tears of the rectus femoris and complete tears of the rectus femoris and quadriceps tendon are visible as increased signal intensity on the T2 images. Incomplete intrasubstance ruptures of the rectus tendon and the quadriceps tendon image as focal disruptions of the normal laminated appearance of the tendon.

These are 3-T MR images of rectus femoris tear sent by Dr Philip W Chao MD. His website . This patient was a baseball player.
Dr Philip W Chao has worked in Delaware to produce the best MRIs possible since 1990. He has monitored hundreds of thousands of MRIs over his career at the University of Pennsylvania and working for the people of Delaware. He is a board certified neuroradiologist and recently passed his maintenance of certification examination in 2006. He is also trained in body MRI and was the body MRI fellow at the University of Pensylvania from 1988 through 1990. He is perhaps one of the best trained doctors in MRI in the world and Delaware.
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