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Pancreatic Hypoplasia-CT

Pancreatic Agenesis and HypoplasiaTotal agenesis of the pancreas is extremely rare and is incompatible with life. It is associated with other malformations such as gallbladder aplasia, polysplenia, and fetal growth retardation. Hypoplasia (partial agenesis) results from the absence of the ventral or dorsal anlage. Absence of the dorsal anlage is visualized as a short or truncated pancreas and can be partial or complete. It may be seen as a solitary finding or in association with heterotaxia syndromes. Partial agenesis of the dorsal pancreas is relatively more common than agenesis of the ventral portion, but complete agenesis of the dorsal pancreas is extremely rare. This patient had partial agenesis or hypoplasia of dorsal pancreas and presented with symptoms of diabetes mellitus.

Dr.Sumer K Sethi, MD
Sr Consultant Radiologist ,VIMHANS and CEO-Teleradiology Providers
Editor-in-chief, The Internet Journal of Radiology
Director, DAMS (Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences

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