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Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney

The metanephric blastema forms the proximal components of the nephron from the glomerulus to the distal convoluted tubule. The ureteric bud arises from the Wolffian (mesonephric) duct and forms the distal components of the nephron, including the collecting ducts, calyces, and pelvis. The metanephric blastema is generally believed to differentiate into the renal parenchyma under the influence of the ampulla of the ureter. The ureteral bud begins its ampullary branching in the first 8-10 weeks of fetal life. MCDK results when the terminal portions of the first few ampullary divisions enlargeeteric bud. MCDK results from an abnormal induction of the metanephric blastema by the ureteral bud. Most cases of unilateral MCDK undergo spontaneous involution. whether involutin of cysts leads to renal parenchymal involutin is not clear. Large kidney with MCDK is not associated with contralateral urinary abnormalities, whereas small kidney with MCDK is associated with contralateral urinary abnormalities and with other congenital anomalies.

Case by Dr MGK Murthy,Sr Consultant Radiologist
Dr.Sumer K Sethi, MD
Consultant Radiologist ,VIMHANS and CEO-Teleradiology Providers
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