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Are CXR in preemployment check up justified?

The legal and medical basis for chest radiographs as part of pre-employment examinations (PEE) at a University Hospital is evaluated. The radiographs are primarily performed to exclude infectious lung disease. A total of 1760 consecutive chest radiographs performed as a routine part of PEEs were reviewed retrospectively. Pathologic findings were categorized as "nonrelevant" or "relevant." No positive finding with respect to tuberculosis or any other infectious disease was found; 94.8% of the chest radiographs were completely normal. Only five findings were regarded as "relevant" for the individual. No employment-relevant diagnosis occurred. The performance of chest radiography as part of a PEE is most often not justified. The practice is expensive, can violate national and European law, and lacks medical justification.
Are chest radiographs justified in pre-employment examinations? Presentation of legal position and medical evidence based on 1760 cases.
Radiologe 2006 Jul;46(7):567-73
Are CXR in preemployment check up justified? Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Thursday, January 18, 2007 Rating: 5


Dr Abha Shroff said...

Dear Mr Sethi
I was pleasantly surprised to note this comment on your blog site. Something that I have been trying to tell companies and HR heads for quite some time now.
A chest x-ray should definitely not be a first line investigation for pre employment medical checkups.
Dr Abha Shroff

Dr Abha Shroff said...

I agree with the contents of the article posted by you
Dr Abha Shroff

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