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Radiology Grand Rounds-VIII

Welcome to the VIII Edition of the monthly summary of the best in the Radiology Blogsosphere known as “ Radiology Grand Rounds”. Grand Rounds is an old tradition that doctors have. Once a week, they get together and talk about one case in detail. Keeping up with this tradition this Carnival of Medical Imaging has been named “Radiology Grand Rounds”. Every physician would agree that Subspecializtion is the need of the hour in medical field, hence the concept of a specialized Radiology Grand Rounds. Radiology Grand Rounds will be hosted on last Sunday of each month, the schedule and archive will be available at- Radiology Grand Rounds. I would like to thank all the contributors for this edition of Radiology Grand Rounds.

This Edition we will start by informing my readers that we are getting famous, yes the concept of Grand Rounds including Radiology Grand Rounds was featured in Indian Pediatrics current edtion. Indian Pediatrics is one of the top most Indian Indexed Journal.

Anybody who knows about Radiology would know that one of the key arts in the field of diagnostic imaging is writting a proper report which conveys the impression to the referring clinician, i think everyone would agree writting a good report is very crucial to a successful radiology practise. has sent a link to a new database of radiology report templates. It was just placed online and will soon be populated with more report templates. It already has few templates on Ultrasound, rest of the categories are coming up. Good effort. also presents an image gallery of various presentations of tuberculosis. Amazing collection of skeletal tuberculosis at various sites. Title of the series-TB or not TB submitted to them by Dr Priya Chudgar.

Odysseys of George submits to us a very interesting case of a 72 year old lady who presented with anaemia. Look at the images findings are obvious and discussions following the images are very interesting. My Tip-try making the diagnosis before reading the entire discussion.

And another case from him aptly titled breathing on bended tube, this is a case of an elderly man referred for loss of weight, stridor(noisy, harsh breathing) for the last one year which worsened over the last 2 months.

Dr MGK Murthy (Sr Consultant) at Teleradiology Providers talks about differential diagnosis of a supraclinoid aneurysm. He says at times "Meningimas which are cystic, haemangioblstomas and pilocytic astrocytomas could present a diagnostic difficulty.However intense nodular enhancement, lack of perilesional oedema, chronic headache of long duration with no deficit are supportive of aneurysm"

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That wraps up this month's highlights of the Radiology blogosphere. Hope the readers enjoyed the VIII edition of the Radiology Grand Rounds. If you liked any of these blogs, keep visiting them. Please email me at if you are interested in hosting future Radiology Grand Rounds. Also visit our sister concern Teleradiology Providers. Archive for the Radiology Grand Rounds here-Radiology Grand Rounds. Be sure to tune in Next Month Last Sunday 25th Feb, when Grand Rounds will be hosted at- Cochin Blogs mail or
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